Who We Are


Halbar Stainless Products Ltd. is a family-owned and operated business started by founder, Cliff Baird, back in September 4, 1974. Currently under the management of Dean and Trent Baird, we are primarily operating on the south side of Edmonton out of a 22,000 square feet, cutting-edge, custom manufacturing facility.


In 2015, Halbar embarked on an exciting expansion journey to West Kelowna, opening Halbar Stainless Okanagan. We proudly cater to clients across British Columbia while seamlessly supporting our operations in Alberta.


At Halbar, our commitment to serving our clients with the latest and greatest led us to invest in a state-of-the-art LVD Laser Machine. This cutting-edge addition enhances efficiency, streamlines production, and maximizes resource utilization, empowering our team to unleash their creativity and deliver exceptional products for you.


At Halbar, we are driven with quality to deliver nothing but top-tier products and metal solutions that fit your space needs. With a dedication to precision, craftsmanship, and innovation, we consistently strive to deliver great results that elevate your homes and businesses.